The Beginning

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Hello and welcome to my new blog, it certainly seems the in thing to do so it's time I jumped on board.

This is me, Helen Fisher (well, the label I was blessed with at birth) You may chuckle at the label comment but essentially that is how I view it from a metaphysical stand point which for those who know me, will know my view on labels, but more about that at a later date.

So why do I call this the beginning? It is the beginning of my truth and how I use and share it NOW!

Taken in 2018 - the biggest year of awakening.

So let me save you some valuable reading time.

If you are interested in CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS, METAPHYSICS and THE UNIVERSE, ENERGY HEALING, EVOLUTION, MOTHERS & CHILDREN, NEW PERSPECTIVES ON LIFE, NEW CHILDREN AND THE NEW WORLD then read on because these are the types of topics my blog will cover and I my journey/involvement with it all, hopefully from a simplistic view. If this is something you are interested in then WELCOME & READ ON.

If I am honest, I have always hesitated at doing a blog involving all of the above topics and putting my take on it, for the simple reason that it seems everyone is doing it now, but then I thought to myself well yes, a lot more people are but not everyone is me and after all this has always been my passion, so why the hell not - its time!

I have pretty much spent most of my life obsessed with existence and consciousness and the fact that I am not just this physical body (something I expressed verbally as a child) so now at age 43 I guess its about time I start sharing as it seems safer to come out of the closet with it all right now, after-all I think I have put in enough effort to be able to comment on it, plenty of experience that's for sure haha.

So after many many years of self exploration through major inner work and overcoming challenges that have served me well (didn't think that during the painful times), I now use it all to be able to serve others in facilitating their healing and awakening experiences in this life, using various modalities.

My current focus is on evolution and the new children of this new world and how consciousness is the fundamental part of our evolution. I work with Mothers (like myself) who want to understand and connect to their child on much deeper levels, rather than forcing themselves to fit into an old world that no longer serves any of us, its just destroying us. We have mothers with children with various labels, the biggest being that vast spectrum of AUTISM. Wow that certainly does encompass many new facets of consciousness and that isn't going in any box, that's for sure. MORE ON THIS ANOTHER TIME.

As well as being present and conscious in this new world and being fully aware of the transitions I and many of us are going through, I am a mother who home educates my daughter and helps her by facilitating and guiding her presence in this new world, so she can bring forward all the amazing gifts she has to bring to it.


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