Heres me, just going for it and writing like no one is reading lolol, with the intention ONLY to inspire.

Have you ever wondered who you REALLY are? Have you ever asked WHO AM I?

I asked that very question and I mean really asked WHO AM I with the the hugest intention to find out the truth. This happened this time last year and the result was that metaphysical doors began to open up to my inner truth and so the real journey began to self realisation not just the intellectual journey. (Don't get me wrong, it's been one mammoth journey lol, but one I chose to take) I had to stop listening to others so much (unless it was aligned with my truth) and really listen to my own inner voice once and for all and fully trust it, which meant radical changes.

You may be thinking but why am I sharing this with you? The simple reason is to help you find your own truth and begin to listen to your own inner voice. I am 100% responsible for my life journey just like you are 100% responsible for yours. You can continue to BELIEVE that you are just this physical robot going through the motions of life, being told what to do, what to think, and what or how to feel constantly or don't feel (numb yourself) all because you never trusted your own thoughts or feelings and are probably filled with so much resentment without even consciously realising it. You feel there is more to your life but not sure what and you have the inner belief that life has to be hard and have probably always been told that life is meant to be hard, stop day dreaming, and that dreams don't happen. Ooooh but I bet somewhere amongst all of that, you may at some point muttered the words "Surely there is more to life than this."


We are ENERGY BEINGS showing up in the beginning as child form and then adult form and there is no escaping that, there are only pathways to understanding and realising this fact. It may seem obvious when I point out that we start as child form and its silly be pointing that out but actually it's not. It's easy to forget in this busy world that our children are pure essence of consciousness and at such a foundational stage energetically with no beliefs or conditions in place (more on this at a later date). Please, don't just take my word for what I say, find out for yourself through allowing yourself to open up to new experiences, or reflect on past experiences that have previously tried to show you new perspectives, but you ignored them and brushed it off as silly. If you don't believe me and need some science behind it, then there is plenty of that too, just take a look. The more you come to the experiential understanding and realisation, the more freedom to BE, you will begin to experience.

So present day Helen is a more conscious living being and a facilitator for truth having had some huge transformational experiences. Sharing truth comes with its uncomfortable moments, especially when you put your vulnerabilities out there and stand out from the mainstream. Just because we have mainstream, doesn't necessarily make it right or fact for the individual. One box does not fit all, its just that most people don't know how to listen or trust their inner self to realise that the one box you have been forced into most of your life, in fact doesn't fit YOU lol.

For sure, non of us are getting out of here alive lol, well not in the physical sense anyhow. Isn't it time we all listened on a grand scale and began to follow our callings and allow ourselves to really evolve, after all, the children of this world require us to do that. You cannot solve the problems with humanity with the level of thinking that got us to where we are now. IT STARTS WITH YOU!

I recently had a thought and feeling provoking comment put on one of my instagram posts which triggered an internal response of sadness. I wrote a post about New World Children require New World Mothers. One of the comments I received was something along the lines of "looking at the state of the children today, heaven help us all" (well something a long those lines anyhow, I can't remember exactly). The reason I felt sad was because as adults it is our job to guide the children, which means listening to them and listening to our internal selves at any given moment, which is not always an easy task. History dictates that as adults we believe we know it all and believe that everything stays the same from the generation before, so parenting should stay the same which commonly has been governed by controlling, silencing, reprimanding, humiliating and punishing children for their very existence. If we are to evolve as human beings we need to ALLOW new ways of parenting and being to take precedence and tapping in intuitively/consciously with your little one can allow this process to begin. Children have so many powerful gifts and qualities that they bring forward into this life as energetic beings, so that we can all naturally evolve rather than resisting it for the simple reason of THATS HOW IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN DONE IN THE PAST. Lets take a quick look.............hhhhmmmmmm rise in depression, suicides, mental health problems, anxiety in both parents and children. We need to be lending hands to each other by supporting, mentoring each other and asking what can I do to help and how can I see this differently? Let's end standing by in judgement of parents because of a lack of awareness or understanding. I speak about this from personal experience and also from a wider perspective and completely open to new ways that serve the greater good, not diminish it.

As a child I always felt very different with a very acute awareness of my existence early on and questioned the insanity I was witnessing around me lol, hence my lifelong passion and obsession with consciousness/awareness lol. I have had many exceptional experiences parenting so far and have followed my intuition and allowed the changes to occur within me throughout my parenting. My daughter began an awakening process within me and it was my duty to listen (again not always easy)

My intention NOW is to share my experiences and understandings. They may or may not resonate with you and if they do then great, use them only to serve you and if they don't, then my blog and shares are not for you and I hope you find something that is. I merely write this with no particular outcome in mind, only INTENTION.



If you are interested in working with me 1-2-1 then please drop me a message via the website or Instagram and I can offer you a free clarity call.

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