Before I started this particular blog I had so many titles and topics running through my head and heart that I could write about but I decided to go with this one as it is a very important one to me and I feel many would probably resonate with it.

I was born with a heart wide open beaming with light and my light resonating at the vibration of love - the ultimate truth. I, like many have gone through this experience of life building barricades, walls around my heart usually as a form of protection and then I came to a point where my heart wanted to open again, and shine that beautiful light that I came into this life to experience and show me the path ahead which was not always filled with light sadly, but the light did eventually overcome the dark.

Excuse the snot on this beautiful image, but look at those stunning eyes representing wonderment.

This is a (snotty) stunning image of my daughter who on her arrival into her and my life experience, absolutely blew my heart wide open and the journey of my life transcended to a higher level. My daughter began to be the light I needed in my life and give me the ability to see my greater self and highlight how I had forgotten my deeper purpose, because I got lost in the chaos of the outer world experience, which I played a big part in by choosing that reality. Major changes were about to take place that no one could've predicted but were absolutely necessary for me to be the open hearted vessel I am required to be in this life.

I started to become aware of repeated patterns coming up to the surface within me that needed to be broken, that had gone on for generations and perhaps lives past (if you believe in past lives as I do).

The time came last year when I had one of the most amazing experiences spiritually when playing around with my daughter and that was the EXPERIENCE of true ONENESS. The experience happened so quickly and I witnessed complete unity with myself and my daughter as if we was one, which we are. I had read about oneness on my spiritual quests but it was the first time I had actually experienced it for myself. At that point I realised that she was there to show me myself and what needed to change in me, as if she was the reflection of me. I knew then without any doubt that we are all just streams of awareness/consciousness (as I felt as a child) constantly recreating ourselves from the very source of where we all began - the ultimate creator GOD CONSCIOUSNESS/ONENESS/LOVE/TRUTH. Just to note I, like many, was never comfortable with using the word GOD because of all of the old belief structures fed to me growing up, which never resonated with me, however I always knew I was a part of something much bigger than me here.

So how do we access this experience and many other profound experiences? THROUGH THE HEART!!!

I'd like to be able to share with you that I walk around embodying this experience 24/7 after having the monumental experience which did happen to me again 2 more times, following the initial experience, but I DON'T experience it 24/7 and I do not profess to be all saintly and enlightened constantly either lol. Having those experiences did change many aspects of my inner world and levels of understanding but I can slip right back into a closed heart and it is not always easy for me to open due to the level of vulnerability in there, like many people experience. I feel everything magnified when my heart is fully open and this is often painful due to the magnitude of change that needs to occur with humanity but I am able to open it when necessary to help me in my work.

The fact of the matter is, we must start to embody and live in this heart space and get out of the head space in order for our human evolution to flourish and make space for our children to BE WHO THEY ARE freely and really bring forth their beauty and genius creative ideas for the future of the planet.

When we are trapped in our heads we experience so much fear, anxiety, resentment and depression.


Thank you again for reading, if you made it to the end. lol.

If you are interested in working with me 1-2-1 then please send me a message via e-mail which you can access on the website.

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