As I sit writing this piece about connection I have a feeling of complete gratitude to have the opportunity to write about a topic that is so important to me.

I first wrote about this in an article in a friends magazine a couple of years ago, but it still remains so important to my very being.

My partner and I home educate our free spirited 8 year old daughter. From the moment of her birth connection was paramount and I intuitively I felt it was the the right choice to home educate her and take full responsibility for her rather than putting her into systems that I believed at the time needed some huge reform.

Connection is fundamental to living a balanced and authentic life. I personally feel very strongly about Connection as it has so many facets to it but largely it embodies one fundamental truth, life without connection is lost and disempowered.

Connection to the divine or the quantum field is found within us and is otherwise known as awareness or consciousness. Being aware allows you to intuitively tap into your own truth and natural path or purpose in life. Our ultimate purpose is to experience the magnitude of that which we are, not the limited illusion of self.

Once we can Connect to our own truth and intuition, we can be fully connected to our children and allow ourselves to see them from a different perspective, knowing that they are also awareness made manifest into the physical with their own path to follow.

I look at my daughter as pure awareness with a knowing of how important it is for her to stay connected to her inner awareness. When we both embody our own awareness this allows our energy to merge, for us to live out our truth symbiotically.

Connection is what humans all strive for especially in the times of experiencing a peak in feelings of separation which we see in the mainstream, being promoted through fear based beliefs and structures. Connection allows us to move back to being more of a community and supporting each other. My feeling is that humanity as a collective has spent too long existing in realities that only serve to separate us from each other and encourages us to look at our differences rather than looking at what unites us and serves us for a higher purpose.

As a young a girl I had an acute awareness of my own existence and began to question why I existed. My personal life journey from age 5 was to take me on a path to experience complete disconnection, much like many in today’s society. At a young age I experienced lack of connection and understanding of how important it is to have connection and to be allowed to experience the fullest expression of who I was. This experience resulted in feeling disconnected and disempowered. My whole life experience turned into my biggest teacher, which has now allowed me to fully embody the experience of true connection to all that is, ONENESS and come back to the home I was always looking for - LOVE

When my daughter was born I decided that it was time to finally fully embrace my own truth so that I could connect with my daughter, to be able to bring her up with an understanding of how important it is to experience everything about who she is, and how her being correlates to the isness of everything on the planet and the universe. This gives her the ability to tap into the one true source of everything and trusting in her own inner guidance system.

Connection is trusting your inner knowing, knowing that your very being is made up of exactly the same as the whole universe, seeing your life flow with ease, having patience, tolerance and understanding for yourself and others, seeing everyone as an extension or mirror to yourself, as we are one consciousness manifested into physical reality and experiencing your core which is LOVE.

Disconnection is experiencing struggles, fighting against the tide, imbalance and illness, focussing only on the external world and reacting to it, trying to fit in to one modality or system of life, feeling hatred towards you and others, unworthiness, low self-esteem, intolerance, impatience and resentments towards others. The only result of this disconnection is living in a blame culture and wanting to numb yourself, while taking no responsibility for your life or your beliefs and living a life of disempowerment.

Connection is paramount to living a limitless life and being a continuous expansion of who you are. When we can connect to our core self regularly we receive all the answers and guidance we could possibly need. We learn to trust in ourselves rather than relying on outside influences, other people’s opinions and their own belief structures, which may or may not be in line with our true beliefs.

Our children have been created to give us as parents the opportunity to evolve and by fully connecting with them we can see within us what is stirring up to be released and if it no longer serves us we can let it go.

We are one collective mind of consciousness, and to enable big collective changes for the better, connection is fundamental to this.



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