Wowzers, its been a few (if not more) weeks since my last blog post despite me trying to commit to once a week. I have had this particular one in mind for some time now.

Why the title ASK?

Some time ago now I remember reflecting on my journey through life and I came to a point where I realised how I found it so difficult to actually ASK for help out loud resulting in me experiencing many times being at rock bottom and on my knees and only then at that point actually ASKing a part of me, which is so much bigger than me, to help, I now call that GOD. (More on this later)

It's been highlighted to me how as a society or a collective we struggle, because we find it so difficult to ASK for help due to what people would think of us. We have to put on a show that we have got this life thing nailed and can do it all without any help at all. This is precisely the attitude that has brought me to my knees time and time again, I can run this show on my own self will and don't need help from anyone - a recipe for destruction from my experience.


My belief is that we are a collective and its time that we connected fully as a collective from our core to help each other and not continue to condemn each other which comes from ego based thinking and fear.

Not only is this blog about ASKing out loud to other people, partners, family, friends etc this about also opening up and ASKing your higher self, god, universe (whatever you want to call it), you know, the one you speak to when the shit hits the fan and then ignore the rest of the time because you don't believe in any of that mumbo jumbo lol.

When I had the major revelation, it totally revolutionised my life and a doorway opened. I personally have allowed myself to be so blocked by what other people think especially when it came to my own spiritual journey, but quite frankly, I haven't got time for that anymore. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS HAVING A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE.

The only consistent thing I have had in my life, is my spiritual journey and my consistent battle with the word GOD and all that that very word triggered in me. (There will be another blog on this lol)

The day finally arrived when I ASKed a higher force to finally work through me because I was so tired of trying to work it all out by myself - BOOM THE TRANSFORMATION BEGAN.


I AM!!!!!

Vibrant light will always shine through

I work with Mothers who want to go through their own awakening and transformation.

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