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HELEN FISHER - HeartMath Coach




My Name is Helen.

I am a Mother, Energy Integration Facilitator, Quantum HeartMath Coach, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor.   I pride myself in NOW aligning with my life mission of being the fullest expression of my own TRUTH to allow me to follow my passion which is to be of SERVICE to HUMANITY during these times of HUGE CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION that is happening within us and on our planet.  

As a child I was always aware of being more than just a physical self, and had a strong sense of having a mission in this life, although the mission was not clear to me at that time.  IT IS NOW!

My passion and work is centred around CONSCIOUSNESS & EVOLUTION

I am blessed to be a Mother to a wonderful daughter who totally embodies LOVE &JOY and is part of the collective of children that are here to remind us about the power of living from the HEART as we are intelligently designed to BE - HEART CENTRED BEINGS. 

I work with a wide range of people depending on what is required.  I work with PARENTS & ENERGETICALLY SENSITIVE CHILDREN (AUTISM) 

to provide a space for clearing and deeper connection to take place, which opens up new levels of perception and levels of consciousness which brings about more understanding of the child and helping integration of energy for both parent and child.  

Many are experiencing HIGH LEVELS of anxiety now and we cannot go on just drugging everyone on the planet to be able to exist, especially our children.  

There are other ways of existing and managing levels of anxiety without drugs, it's a case of understanding WHO and WHAT you really are as a BEING. 

Consciousness is expanding through us and our children and we are moving out of an old paradigm into a new one.  The children are showing us what we need to let go of in order to flourish in our lives and to evolve and grow as a collective.


Many of our systems are failing now and are ready for transformation, so by connecting more with the heart intelligence we can allow new levels of consciousness to emerge to give us the answers to a better future for humanity.  

  • Reiki 1, 2 & Master/Teacher

  • EFT Practitioner

  • Licensed HeartMath Coach 

  • CMI Level 5 in Management Coaching & Mentoring

  • Foundational Diploma in Energy Field Transformational and Spiritual Development

  • Law of Attraction Practitioner


Awaken your soul and seek your truth.  Where do I start and what to say about this wonderful, strong, beautiful woman and the Oneness Experience.  Nine months ago I was on the verge of suicide, enveloped in despair and so completely lost, I didn't know where or how I fit into this world, I took a leap of faith and reached out to Helen......WOW has my life turned around in that time.  Working with Helen and her Oneness Program allowed me to unpick the years of self limiting beliefs that have been drilled into me and seared into my very core.  Helen peals away the years of pent up torment by doing work concentrating on resentments, triggers, and forgiveness.  I cannot recommend Helen and this program enough.  The Oneness Experience and Helen have in no uncertain terms helped me heal myself and find my truth.    This experience will shake you up and wake you up.  If seeking your truth and experiencing enlightenment is what you desire then this is most definitely for you.  My hesitation proved unfounded, this has been the most incredible journey and the best decision I have made in years.  




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